The Best Photo Editing Apps For Phone (2019 UPDATE)

Now: everyone is a photographer. You just need a phone and be familiar with photo processing apps.

I make a living by photographing people with my DSLR camera and so called smartphone photography has never seemed to me as something noteworthy. By the time.

Application for processing photos on the phone

When I realized that it is not the camera that makes the photographer. More important is the skill in using it. The best camera is the one I have at hand – off course!

But now, much often you carry a smartphone. Easy man, I got the same way.  So I had no choice and started getting familiarize mobile photography. 

Apps for photo processing

Best point to start? Review applications easy to use with photo processing. And remember it’s not just about adding filters. So, what applications should every mobile photographer try? Here is the list of my favorites. I divided them into two groups.

Snapseed / ColorStory / Darkroom

The list of options in the Snapseed app contains everything necessary for the photographer. Several filters, you can aply with just one click. So easy. Your picture is ready to be printed – not to mention publishing it on Instagram or Facebook.

Theoretically, it should be in the second group, but apart from the filters – Snapseed – got some more advanced section called “tools”.

“Portrait”, “smooth” and “pop” – theese three is my favourite filters. Anyways: this is something like presets – used by photographers in more advanced photo editing programs. Oh: don’t rely too much on ready made filters. Some of these – goes to far with adjustments, and picture looks not so good.

Unfortunately, inside Snapseed app there is no option to make any changes in the ready made preset. By the way: this solution is not my idea – it has been used in ColorStory and Analog Film Seoul applications).

In the “tools” section – Snapseed – you can adjust contrast, exposure (brightening), straightening the horizon line, white balance (color improvement) with ease.

The application can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android. For my taste: it’s the only app for editing you may need. And by editing I mean some small adjustments. Not big artsy changes to get crazy Insta following.

Which apps Am I using with Snapseed?

The main difference between regular camera or iPhone camera user and professional photographer is the way you treat your images.

Getting part of my postproduction work in LightRoom and Photoshop and then taking some extra work in other editing tools like Alien Skin is the normal procedure for the second group. Yes: you get me right. I do same thing with my mobile shoots. 

Sometimes Snapseed is not enough so I import my image to ColorStory: is an application that, apart from the tools section, contains a set of 100 filters with the option of changing the degree of interference (individual filters). Just like Snapseed it is available on both iPhone and Android.

Or Darkroom app – which can be downloaded only on the iPhone. It is a pity, because this application is extremely easy to use and would certainly gain a larger group of fans.

Filters for photos from your phone

An application that will convert a digital photo into an analogue one. A concept similar to VSCO presets / filters. Let say you liked the feeling of photos taken on Kodak, Fuji or Ilford films – then I am pretty sure you will like photos from your smartphone using Filmborn.

Filmborn / RNI Films / Analog Film Seoul / VSCO

Photography enthusiasts probably do not need any more information. This is a classic in itself. After choosing a filter (they are called photographic negatives from old times – like Ilford HP5, Kodak P160 etc), you’ll have several more options to work on your image and craft it even better.  

So: you can change the exposure (brightness of the photo), white balance or contrast. Filmborn gives you a lot of freedom in photo processing. Anyway, just like RNI Films and Analog Film Seoul (but to honest with you: Filmborn is my favourite photo editing app – and I use it almost as often as Snapseed).

Each of these three applications is very intuitive to use. By the way, RNI Films also sells presets for Lightroom and Capture One – so it is a cool alternative to the one and only VSCO (which is slowly withdrawing from the preset market for cameras and focuses only on the smarfon application).

By the way I found the Analog Movie Seoul only in the iPhone version.

Apps for taking pictures to next level

Filmborn gives you the possibility for taking photos within the application.

Best part: you can post process on the way by using all the functions / filters – already during shooting time.

I am wondering how to name a VSCO application –  I used it for photo processing, but basically everything happens inside the app. This is a type of social network for photographers with the ambitions of sharing the result of their work.

We can publish the processed photos in a gallery presented to other users of the application. As I mentioned earlier, VSCO dominated the market of presets used for photo processing in the Lightroom, but now goes towards developing its own photo editor instead of providing ready-made solutions for other graphic software producers).

Apps for photos: before posting them on Instagram

First you need someting for Insta Stories – Unfold – probably the most popular tool every photographer should use theese days. You will add frames and subtitles to your photos. However, it would be best if the photos were already pre-processed, so before you upload something to Unfold, use the applications I mentioned earlier.

Options for frames or ready-made combinations for photo collages – there is not enough in Unfold – but it is definitely an application for people with a high sense of aesthetics. – (application available in both Android and iPhone versions).

Canva – by far the best tool for converting photos into graphics. Options for adding frames much more complex than in Unfold (more options to choose from) and infinitely many ways to apply text to photos. It is certainly an application that you must try if you are looking for something to create collages from photos or cool graphics – taken from photos – on Facebook. In this category there is also a paid Pics Art application, which, apart from fancy filters, offers an easy way to create collages from photos. Literally with a few clicks, he creates a graphic that one day was devoted to a few minutes.

Instagram app to schedule your photos

Perhaps Planoly and Later are applications associated mainly with Instagram, but after all, we (photographers) are the largest group of people addicted on publishing photos on Insta. Ok, maybe culinary and fashion bloggers, but wedding and family photographers are not far behind.

Inside those two apps: Planoly and Later – you can see how the pictures will look after adding them to  your Instagram gallery. It’s very important how they play with photographs that you added there earlier.

Besides, there is one more reason why you should use these applications.  People react best when I add a picture in the morning or early evening. I do not always have time to do this, so I use the application to add a photo (with description and hashtags) automatically.

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