Photographers, be a bit more humble!


Today we would like to have a chat with you about what we have recently heard about the practice of photographers who do not photograph families too much, but who focus very much on the main theme, even…

K: They even ignore what is happening around them.

J: Maybe, we can say that we certainly have also our vision when it comes to taking pictures of the wedding, but…

K: Everyone is already going to the wedding with some kind of concept and we also understand that everyone has some kind of artistic approach to the job, as Jacek said, he wants to make realise his vision, but we have the impression that “hello – something’s not right”.

J: Ok, but you have to consider also that photographing a wedding, you have certain vision, but wedding photography itself has a certain frame, which we have to fit in somehow. So, there are certain elements of wedding that we do not like as photographers. Surely most of us don’t like the moment when you have to take a group photo, at least that was my case. Me, for example, also do not like the moment when a cake is cut, because I don’t see anything exciting in the fact that a young couple is cutting the cake. However, I know that I have to take this picture and I will not evade this obligation. Also, …

K: And when we have cut the cake on our wedding, you were not excited about it?

J: I’m not saying that the young couple is not excited.

K: Well, that’s it!

J: I just say it’s not some kind of exciting picture for a photographer.

K: From the photographer’s perspective.

J: Now, one thing comes to my mind, when I was on Looks Like Film in Krakow, Kasia !! z mamy!! talked about taking picture of a pig.

K: Yes, it’s…

J: Didn’t I tell you?

K: You mentioned.

J: Well, that’s it. And a photo of a pig on a trolley, isn’t an exciting moment for the photographer. However, we are obliged to take such a picture and Kasia told me that maybe we should evoke such excitement at times and make ourselves a project, as she called it, the gallery of polish pigs. I think it’s a very good idea. I support it! And returning to the subject of photographs that we do not like to take, i.e. group photos or formal photographs with our family, perhaps each of us has such an ambition to take the most artistic pictures possible, and yet those moments of wedding, during which we take these posed pictures or those of the aforementioned pig, cake or group photographs are certainly not among the most artistic ones. However…

K: They are those pictures that are important for a young couple, and even if they are not important for them on their wedding day, because they think, for example: “these pictures are embarrassing, maybe we don’t want them”. In a few years’ time they will be very important for them. And this is something that I myself experienced after our wedding. Because when we were organizing the wedding, I followed fashion.

J: Sceptical approach.

K: And I was sceptical about such fixed points of the program, let’s call them that. And a few years after my wedding I can see that my favourite photo in the album is a group photo which I have everyone on, I have a grandfather who passed away, an aunt whom I saw the last time at the wedding and an uncle who is no longer with us… This is a photo with “wow factor”! If I had to open the photo album now and see only one photo, it would this group picture. Because we often talk about something…

J: So what, you’d spend the most of your time on this group photo?

K: Yes. It’s amazing, but yes. This also taught me to be humbler in photography, on how we approach couples. Even if our young couples don’t want group photos, we once had a situation when someone said they don’t want to, well ok, no means no. Thank you.

J: Yes, we didn’t push them.

K: Yes, we didn’t, as we used to say. And we also enjoyed it, because we did not like to do it. There were also times when there was no talk at all about whether or not they wanted a group photo.

J: So we considered it…

K: Yes, we considered it as not important for them. End of story. We don’t like to do it, they don’t want us to do it.

J: Yes, it was convenient for us.

K: But we changed our approach a little. And now we are also encouraging our young couples to take a group picture and to take a family picture. Maybe even more a family picture than a group photo. I mean a set picture with family members: “here you are, just stand in a row with each other”, five people, four people. We ask them to make a list of the most important people who are likely to be in these pictures. We understood how important this is after our wedding, but we understood it even more when we gave our couples the option to choose the photos for their album. At the moment, when another couple chose almost all of the posed photos and it took, for example, three pages in the album. At the beginning we were unhappy about it. “Well hello!? We do our best here, we take great pictures for you and you choose the posed ones.”

J: Well, that’s because it was the moment where… Oh, that was our dog. When we decided to pass competence to the newlyweds to choose their photos, we realized that the photos they choose seemed to make the album project not “ours”. Previously, when we designed it from A to Z and selected all the photos, it was our artistic vision of the album, how we saw this day. However, after some time we have realised that the most important in the album is what young couples expect. Also, when the young couples started to choose photos and we realized that…

K: And when those set photos started to be selected, what I talked about.

J: Exactly.

K: After another couple in a row, we understood that, that’s how it’s supposed to be. These are their photos. They will be watching these albums in two, three, four, five, ten years’ time and these will be their favourite photos, because in these pictures they have their own people. These are their memories.

J: Ok, maybe we can tell a situation where a young couple wanted a picture with every table at the wedding. There were probably 150 people there. And me, like I always do, of course…

K: This is my trauma.

J: I delegated Kasia to this task because she has stronger nerves and Kasia with newlyweds made such a trip around the room photographing a young couple plus each table separately. When the they were choosing…

K: There was about 150 people.

J: And when the young couple were choosing photos for the album it turned out that all the photos, literally all…

K: Every one I have done, a young couple with every single guest…

J: It ended up in the album.

K: All of them, just all of them. We were broken, but…

J: And we said: “oooh we have a problem!” But it turned out that it works a bit differently, because the number of these photos was just much bigger than the standard we had in the album, so the young couples enlarged the album. It means that these albums started to grow and it was also good for our company. And so, to make a short summary of our first podcast after a long, long break, we would like to tell you that it is worth to change a little your attitude and to realize that somewhere on the other side of your business there is a young couple and it’s them we take photos for. So, we want – I know that each of us wants to show this artistic vision-…

K: But, let’s be it straightforward, you can’t behave like diva.

J: Exactly. You can leave it on your blog and if you don’t want to show your photos from cutting a cake like we do, don’t show them, but these photos just have to be somewhere and it’s worth having it in your mind when you go to the wedding that ok, apart from your artistic vision we also make a documentation on that day. And what’s going to be in the album is a separate issue.

K: Also, dear wedding photographers, lets be more humble and less a rockstar.

J: Okay, that’s all. Thank you! New broadcasts are coming soon. I will not say for now, what will be our part in it.

K: Are we going to appear at all…

J: Well, one of us for sure. We strongly encourage you to follow us on our Facebook profile, as it will provide you with all the information you need. Hi, take care!

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